Poetry: I see them between sentences.


I spoke recently with Dr. Dubasu Chhetri (Durga Bahadur Subedi Chheri) is one of the famous poet from Nepal. The Sajha Purasakar (publication) also awarded to Dr. Dubasu Chhetri, the poet of 'Aswomedh Yagya ka Ghodaharu', an anthology of poems. His anthology of poems "Ashwamegh Yagyaka Ghoda Haru" is so wonderful. Chhetri said "In my book of 'Aswomedh Yagya ka Ghodaharu' the love, reality and nature are personified to life. I think that the epic with the power of love can lead the situation, and at the same time can protect the literature with value.

I have projected values in my book. This very fact perhaps might have provided this beauty on literature". Poet Dubasu further added. "I am pleased to mention that Sajha Puraskar, the most prestigious award has been conferred on my literary work. I feel
this award came my way in recognition of my experimental writing in Nepali literature'.

Poet Dubasu Chhetri further said "My poetry is to inquiry life to meet its conditions. Further, it is logical to assume that the opinions of experts in specific fields. Yes, what I learn about my book and literature in particular just accentuates my profound non ignorance of both subjects while I was writing my epic".

Dubasu Chhetri's writing style is unique, further added "If we are to be a poet, a little poetry will help. I wrote a different verse about on my book ( 'Aswomedh Yagya ka Ghodaharu',) like in English (or Shakespearean) that may fit into our writing. If I write something that does not meet the above conditions, then I regard it as non literature. These poems we call are unique, and to an ancient pattern must conform. I read lots of literature, and I realize that fact on my writing".

Yes, in Dubasu Chhetri's anthology, we can feel our life, beauty love and the present scenario. His book is highly experimental, a different style. The 450-page volume is available at various book shops in Kathmandu.

Poet Dubasu Chhetri also said " My poetry literature both are useful for our community.Literature is entertaining. I see them between sentences. In every literature, still, the styles can be different for instance, is worked out between the writers and the readers. I'm familiar with almost always begin and end in the same theme. Remember, however, this is the beauty of our writing.".

Yes, we must write within the framework of the original writing. His writing is an integral part of the writing phrase. It does not interrupt the flow of the original as written. I like approach to this subject. Of course the writer would have to give the impression to the readers. I learned that when we knew all about the best poems, and epic. " literature might change some parts of the life to suit the available poets? A poet is purely beautiful,and a truly surprising part of the writing is the order that comes from life.

The current popular issue of his writing is the love effect on life. said to me " For all I know, even these poetry by might now be replaced by action. From a Chhetri said " I write knowing our relative strengths in different words, that might determine the final epic.

Knowing Dubasu Chhetri's relative strengths in different words, that might determine our life.

"The subject of my book on life is not complicated, and this is relevant to the current ''time. It's true that we once called for a right in our life".he said.

I admire Chhetri's continuous quest for knowledge. Poet Dr. Dubasu's first modern song (Mutuko Ghau) "Heart's pain" also shows promise. "In my new song, I made a mid piece modulation specifically to give the music high. I am also preparing for the second creation of the song to new revision of the scene as ''some life and changes,''.

He said "Long ago, I myself visited in a different places to read poetry which I very much enjoyed. Also viewed excerpts of reading to extend my writing horizon.The poems were terrific, and was very beautiful. It was all moves and steps. They all represented various groups.

His popular publications are becoming famous and known in Nepal. A poet like Dubasu is not made but born.
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