The Rhythms of Compassion for the New Age


The Rhythms of Compassion for the New Age

Rene Wadlow*

The rhythms of the past are strong, for the power of history is often heavy. There is inertia in centuries-old forms and practices which are no longer appropriate. Yet a new history is to be written, a new creation is to be born.

Whether this transformation to a New Age is accomplished in relative peace and creativity or in confusion and chaos depends on how clearly we can bring forth from within ourselves wisdom, stability and harmony. We can retreat from the future in fear and resistance, or we can rise to meet it with understanding and compassion. Understanding requires us to see what is useful and right for the present, what can be useful later, and also what has no more use at all and is to be put aside.

The New Age is fundamentally a change in consciousness from one of isolation and separation to one of communion, to be in tune with the whole, to be aware of the new life within us and to release its creative impulse in cooperation with others. Love is this capacity to perceive this spirit of oneness within and then the ability to see oneself in relationship to others and to life.

The dominant idea that the New Age is bringing into being is wholeness and the idea that of going out with its old forms is separateness and fragmentation. The vision of wholeness requires discrimination and organization to ensure that new energies and potentials are not wasted but are given direction for the greatest impact, for the good of all.

Yet can one be aware of the wholeness of life if the mind is fragmented and stressing separation? We all tend to find security in those fragments of humanity of which we are a part. Yet the fragmented mind with training can give way to awareness. Out of awareness will come a realization of the wholeness of life.

The New Age is within us; it is not coming tomorrow; it is here now.

*Rene Wadlow, President and a Representative to the United Nations, Geneva, Association of World Citizens.