Song of a Bird


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Krisu Chhetri is one of well-known Nepali poets. His recently published book Charaa ko Geet, ‘Song of a Bird’ has been popular among Nepali poetry lovers.

In my view, it is a beautiful collection of poems, and it has enhanced Krisu Chhetri's power of poetry. The poet has been advocating about the real situations of people that they face in their day to day life. In other words, he is a man who strongly advocates truth and reality. His unique style of writing along with attention to details has never ceased to amaze me and therefore, reading his writings attracts me to read more. Hence, readers can remember and relate to what has been written in his poem.

He sees other people’s pain through his own eyes and I think it is a very important quality for a writer. He has also shown readers to be optimistic. He also tries to use specific details rather than a superficial poetic expression. So, readers can remember what the poetry say. He pays a lot of attention to craft poetry. I think, poetry is more than a mere entertainment and remains pertinent over time.

‘Charaa Ko Geet’ has also successfully addressed life and has a touch of an eternal beauty. In his poem ‘Charaa Ko Geet’, he has expressed the importance of freedom. He has concluded that every people and animals in this planet must have a right to freedom and no one can violate it for their personal gain. This poem not only delivers a strong message, but also it has delivered the complex message in simple and clear language.

Krisu is not difficult to read. I think, when he started writing he had the confidence that his subject will be of interest to his readers which are not only intellectual but also the ordinary ones. Krisu had a good bit of life experience and some bad as well. Those experiences made him a poet. He wants to thank those people who assisted him to be a poet.

Originally from Jhapa, Chhetri's poems have enliven the love and life relationship. He has depicted the life of different people. He is an active member of Basundara Man Pragya Pratisthan Foundation that promotes literature.

A total number of 42 poems are included in this collection. Most of the poems from this book draws attention to the very beautiful feelings of life, emotion and love. Mr. Chhetri has written and published eight books so far. This book was published by Sajha Prakashan, Kathmandu.

(Journalist, Poet and Editor Ms. Kamala Budhathoki Sarup is an editor for She is a regular contributor to Cape May County Herald newspaper and was a contributer to UPI- Asia News. She has also published two books of stories)