Supporting Planned Parenthood, Equality and Freedom


Published in Cape May County Herald.

Recently, women from all over the country have been protesting for women's health and rights. Fighting for women's health is not just about women's rights to health, but it is also about women's equality and freedom.

I strongly support the protesting and want the Trump administration to consider women's health as their first priority, and support Planned Parenthood programs too. We cannot let their health degrade and the funds that support this program to stop. The administration should also recognize the importance of improving women's reproductive health care, treatment, and opportunities.

Trump banned federal funding for foreign NGOs that supported abortion. As we know, globally, many women become the victim of sexual violence such as rape, forced prostitution, sexual abuse and more. It will not only put the life of the mother but also her newborn at risk in many cases if abortion is not considered. Women will be mentally tortured. We should not stop funding women's reproductive health and abortion because there are dangers of unwanted pregnancy.

Knowing about Planned Parenthood is a must for every woman around the globe. I too had no idea about it until I participated in one of their training programs regarding reproductive health.

When I first came to America, I didn’t have health insurance and was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get a regular medical checkup without it. But I knew about Planned Parenthood, so whenever I got sick or needed medical attention, I used to go to a local Planned Parenthood medical center in Arlington, Va. and got myself checked.
I would like to thank the teams and the center as they performed the necessary check-ups without any hesitation. Therefore, I get sad every time I think about the deaths caused by many treatable diseases and other pregnancy-related deaths. If women had the medical care they could afford, it would have saved their lives.
This is why Planned Parenthood in the U.S. is very important. It provides early detection and screenings for different kinds of diseases like cancer via CBC tests which can be treated in its early stage.

It is very important for every woman to have access to medical check-ups even if they can't afford it or don't have health insurance, or sometimes both. We all know women who are unable to afford health insurance have a difficult time finding medical treatment and also they will not receive such simple and effective care and therefore women of all ages will be at risk.

Women's rights also mean they should have control of their own body, sex, and fertility. The right to abortion and family planning is women's economic and legal rights.