A woman often remains a woman for society


A woman often remains a woman for society…

The chirping of birds this morning this morning turned Nitya’s usual wakeup call into a melodious morning raga. Her eardrums were just getting tuned to this romantic symphony when a crust masculine voice demanding things of one’s own necessity ruptured the calm atmosphere of the room. Each morning Nitya’s house experienced the same odyssey that has traversed through three decades of her married life. 


The only thing that has changed in thirty years of her matrimony were the figures depicting the time since she was born. This morning too framed the picture elucidating the typical life of a woman after marriage. There were several changes in her life everyday. For instance, one day she has to apply jam on bread, the other day butter and likewise bread got replaced with fruits, nuts, oats etc. Nitya was not confined within four boundaries made out of heterogeneous mixture of different components. Rather she moved out of house each day sometimes to buy vegetables, sometimes to pay bills, sometimes to get pickle of her husband’s choice. Not only this, she got several reasons to shop under an air conditioned roof. She clearly remembers the last outfit which was denied by her son on grounds of a colour articulating a feminine aura.

Besides that, she also remembers Navy Blue silk saree which she managed after several rounds of bargain with the shopkeeper. Fortunately, her bargain turned into fruitful barter with her mother-i-law who was pleased with the fabric of newly incorporated artifact of her wardrobe. Nitya’s life was taking shape of a mediocre dictionary where the faults were deciphered as her inefficient social built and the IQ was manipulated as her being part of a decent family background since thirty years of her wedding.


The only person to understand her selfless efforts of dedication in house chores was the woman she sees everyday in the mirror. For everyone else in the family, she was born to be treated with the same demeanor as defined in the dictionary of a women’s life.  She also awaited the opportunity to float in the river of carefree life deployed of any work and order by members of family. Such chances were an outcome of the fact that her in-laws felt the need to visit the nearby pilgrimage, her daughter thought to party and her husband as usual was a reflection of typical corporate boss whose office was second home and work as his girlfriend.


Today after thirty years, Nitya was lying on that wooden plank near her big swimming pool with the same coyness, but, this time there was a big difference in terms it was not accompanied by her husband’s hand playing with the curls of hairs falling on her face now showing aging. She was preparing the balance sheet of credit and debits of emotional gain and loss in her life till present breath.

After few hours of solitude conversation with herself, she stood with a wave of confidence that formed an important component of her terrific personality during her college days. Soon she eloped with the aroma of her teenage life although not as exclusive as her 24 years old daughter. Her mind was soon getting absorbed in the memories of her daughter holding her hands for support.  These memories flashing infront of her eyes bought a twinkling effect similar to the one produced during Diwali after burning of crackers. She landed into a new world with a bouquet of figments of imagination. 


Her minds were impregnated with memories where once she dared to step out from her house at midnight to meet the love of her life. This memory of past acted as a speed breaker for Nitya which provoked her senses on a very sensitive question bubbling in the grey matter and the one which demanded urgent answer.


The neurons were vibrating questioning Nitya’s current value in Vivan’s life. Vivaan, with whom, she formed a tangible yet everlasting bond of love and care. The quality and quantity of time she shared at present with Vivaan was a question of great concern for her. The feeling of losing him completely amidst hours of work surmounted as a dark cloud in her mind. This concern soon converted in to a reflex action and she immediately went to her bedroom to share words with love of her life. She was very excited to make a call to Vivan as such a desire had taken birth after long. Soon, all the excitement crumbled into pieces of sad expression when her call got disconnected by Vivaan.

This episode led to one of the major decision of her life and she thought to step out of the house for work. She shared the desire with her better half later that night when she got an answer that casted the voice of a typical husband braided in ancient moral values. Vivan’s concrete reply asking Nitya to bury her desire of working forced her to come upon a brisk universal conclusion. She very well emancipated the reason behind the active denial. It was nothing but a culmination of her genetic composure. It was all because Nitya was a woman and Vivan a …..

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