Women in the legal profession


(When I was growing up, I wanted to be a successful lawyer or a doctor. My objective was to defend people or help people. Only later on I became more interested in economics, teaching, literature and news media. In any case, it is very important to be successful economically. If you don’t want to endure a poor life, you need to educate yourself. My beautiful mother is my aspiration).

Women in law 
Sarupkam Budhathoki
Brought out at mediaforfreedom.com

How significant it is for any person not to breach the law. It is too important to defend the law. Yes, we necessitate to maintain the rule and make sure not to break it in any way. Courts are also a character of our life and the role good judges play is very fundamental because the Judges and lawyer’s decisions is very important. Respecting our Justice system should be the priority for dealing with our immediate issues. Yes, legal philosophy and order that helps to establish peace, freedom and strength in the surrounding we live in is the first thing that comes in my mind when I hear about our judiciary system. Thus, making decision within this system separating the right and wrong is a very tough choice that needs a lot of courage to address and apply.

Only sadly, a number of countries haven’t taken any active steps to increase the number of women lawyers and judges in the district or federal court system for the recognition of the right of women to participate in their nation’s court system. We ask more women as law professionals to promote education, training and community action programs, in particular for young women in their safe future.

In the past decade, however, women as a law professional worked hard to enact laws for the companionship and the role they played included the underlying problems and issues. It can be well seen as compatible dealing for national security, which is an important factor for economic growth, and to foster a culture of equal community that upholds justice and tolerance. We need to help defuse crimes through promoting the targeted population through good governance programs, encouraging protection of the rights of minority groups.

The increased presence of women on the bench improves the character of justice, so women judges can bring an understanding of the impact of the law on the lives of women and girls to the bench. which I agree. We demand to strengthen the capacity of our police forces and judicial system to address cases of crimes and should work to ensure that suitable efforts are made to providing treatment to those who are victims. As women victims need support programs to develop their self-esteem.

We all bear a responsibility to help reduce human suffering and build capacity so that communities will be less vulnerable to future domestic crimes if we establish strong women in the judicial system. Adult females in law professional are on a secure sense of one’s own value as a human being. To pick up women in judicial system means a symbol of women’s empowerment and a true freedom.

I trust, respecting our Justice system and women in law professional is on a secure sense of one’s own value as a human being and a symbol of a true freedom.

She holds a masters degree in economics.

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