Sufficient economic, judicial and political equality for growth.


I have sketched in this article how we can defeat grassroots level of impoverishment? How we can prepare for sufficient economic, juridical and political equality?. My focal point is how economic policy will affect the development? What role do we require to raise? What about education, public policy, growth, alternative institutions, reform?

An effective economic system features incentives for the hard working citizenry. It is a system where selfishness benefit both the manufacturer and the consumer. We need to remember If we induce a bad political system. That will lack adequate incentives, its workers will not operate well. Furthermore, in the good economic reform policy endeavor to offer jobs for everyone. If we can cut down labor costs. So, we can make prices competitive in world markets. Accordingly, the economy will be competitive. And it will be capable to import goods and services in sufficient measures. Another trouble with bad economic/political scheme is their lack of providing incentives to the people. It already has been proven time and time again. 
That person will not work hard when the product of their efforts mainly benefits others rather than themselves. The masses are so selfish that way. However, we know that we need the intellectual and physical labor of people in order to benefit our economy.
To possess the ability to develop economically. One must deliver something worthwhile to sell to the citizenry of other countries.
Thus, we have to build an infrastructure, including electric power. Communications, water planning and transportation, as well as provide education. It is really important for a country like Nepal. All this takes time and money. If we hold a good leadership, the people would be better off than before.