Labor Day: Sustainable economy will engender a type of cooperation

Labor Day: Sustainable economy will engender a type of cooperation
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Kamala B. Sarup
 In the last half of the 19th century in the U.S., excessive wealth and power concentration associated with industrial development resulted in many work stoppages and strikes that ultimately were reduced pressure applied to the government that produced labor law changes that resulted in more powerful labor unions and, consequently, a more equal distribution of U.S. wealth among its citizens.
If these labor reforms had not taken place, then war might have broken out between the rich  and poor classes and U.S. economy would have been threatened.
Even in the U.S. in the 19th century, democracy worked to the excessive advantage of a privileged group, but gradually it was reformed so that the people at the bottom gained some share in wealth.  
So, in my opinion, sustainable  economy requires cooperation among the government representatives of the people to get things accomplished that  are useful to the people.  
When representatives are agree on courses of action to help each other's constituents and/or they are not selfish and care more about their people wealth of the people in general, then the people will continue to be empower.
To assist the above two requirements for a sustainable  good economy, it is necessary to have  a good economic system, pro poor economic system, free media and a  people literate and educated enough to read the media.  That way, when noncooperation and selfishness are exposed by the media, a literate population can put effective pressure on the politicians to run the government to better serve the people's economic rights.
We need to remember, good economic system and democracies are not easy to maintain. The slavery issue was the most significant and almost resulted in the U.S. becoming two countries, North and South of the 36th latitude in the 1860s.
On the other hand, decentralization, open economy and competition, transparency in all areas of government practice is the most effective instrument discourage poverty.
Happy Labor Day.
 Kamala is an editor for . Her specialties are in-depth reporting and writing stories on peace, freedom, democracy, women, anti terrorism, and development. Some of her publications include: Women's Empowerment in South Asia, ; Prevention of Trafficking in Women Through Media.