Rising maternal deaths are my concern


CDC’s principal deputy director, Dr. Anne Schuchat said, “every death reflects a web of lost opportunities, including lack of access to health care, missed or delayed diagnoses, and failures by doctors or nurses to recognize the warning signs”. CDC also reported scandalous news on maternal mortality deaths which mentioned that the American maternal mortality rate has now doubled and this increase in the ratio has been due to preventable causes.

Why does women’s right mean to overlook their own fertility? Women’s health is also considered women’s legal rights; this is the focal point of my message here. Why economically deprived women are the one who is confronting this menace. Why till date the issues of the economic prosperity of women has become empty? I think these are the question that must be induced and answered.

Empowering women mean allowing them to evaluate and make their decisions based on their welfare. If women who don’t desire any more pregnancies have access to reliable methods of family planning, more than fifty percent of maternal deaths can be interdicted. This is the main reason why the number of women having abortions is rising. Most of these deaths which tend to occur in low and middle-income women can be prevented; cost-effective health care services along with reliable care to the pregnant mother, I believe this issue at hand can be widely scaled down.

Teaching women safe methods of birth control and the importance of safer sex from an early age, only then can the maternal mortality be reduced to a more or less extent. Nonetheless, why we have not been able to come out with effective programs in policy levels.

In many countries, women have even given birth without the help of health care providers. Therefore, I am focusing here on the legal aspects of the human and reproductive rights of women. Education on maternal maternity should be beefed up. It is also necessary to set up systems for the health supportive financial development program for lower-income women.

Lack of policy implementation, lack of awareness, lack of lower health cost has also led to the problem. I desire to argue strongly for incorporating the concepts of reproductive health. We should develop plans and implement them successfully.

I want to indicate that we should give priority through reproductive responsive development policies. Doing this most of the pregnancy and illness related to it can be forestalled.

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