Why Ineffective, corrupted leaders need to be wiped out?


There are two different issues being discussed in this clause. I believe corruption is becoming out of control in politics.
I think If there is a lack of transparency in the system.
If political leadership have an unregulated discretionary power. If it’s a lax judicial system, Subversion will be difficult to eradicate.
I am also arguing here how politicians are able to institute corruption in the system?
How if leaders are not responsible for the state?. How they involve in a financial crime?. Those leaders or governments to be wiped out for good. If the system does not take control of a stern step against corrupted leaders. It will ultimately bankrupt the country.
From a fiscal point of view why one need to fight for an effective leadership. Every piece I know bad system and corruption is the main cause of political instability. I likewise want to center on my article about anti corruption efforts. It must be targeted for the long-term, it must be realistic and manageable. I want the corrupt leaders who misuse the public finances should be punished. If Corruption is deep rooted. Where crime and corruption is rampant. Where the perpetrators are mostly brutal in their routine. And so i know what will take place? It will preclude the effective allocation of resources. Equally well, it will disincentive to foreign investment. At present, for example Nepal, where Nepali people are suffering from bad corrupted politicians. My emphasis is to root out corruption at all levels in the bureaucracy
.When politicians, leaders who are engaged to bribes become alienated?. I want them to lose their political legitimacy permanently. I want economic systems to be vindicated. I infer the activity of anti-corruption bodies has its own importance. However, attention should be paid to other options of checking corruption.
Financial bribery will make the nation poorer and rich individuals. I want to strengthen revenue mobilization. Customs administration and updating audits.
If any government’s regular expenditure has gone out of control, it will involve the gross.
When the political system demand for bribes at every stride is also I want to indicate about. And If leaders fail to come up to the moral justice. If they fail to enunciate the essentially human part of politics. Those leadership needs to be behind the bar. If politics do not become part of the economic prosperity, it will motivate hate.

My focus in this article is when bribery and corruption spread in all its diversities. How as a journalist, I can convey a strong action against them. How about putting argue about the wretched roads, inadequate drinking water supply, absence of proper building hospitals? I want to build a mass movement. Where all can unite so that corruption in politics, politicians and public life can be terminated.
Subversion is a direct cause of financial and societal disasters.

Why it is very important to engage in a good political leadership. An efficient tax collection mechanism. macro-economic policies.
Open economy and competition. Transparency in all domains of government is important. One that limits the effects of corruption.
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