Development financing as first milestone of 2015


ADDIS: UN officials hail outcome of conference on development financing as first milestone of 2015

Source:UN News

16 July 2015 – Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and senior United Nations officials today hailed the outcome of the financing for development conference in Addis Ababa as the first milestone in a critical year in which major decisions are also expected on the future sustainable development agenda and on climate change.


UN applauds 'historic' deal on Iranian nuclear programme

Source:UN News. 14 July 2015 – The United Nations has welcomed the agreement reached between international negotiators and the Government of Iran as the two parties pave the way for a viable solution on the Gulf country's nuclear programme and towards possible peace in the region.

Describing the deal between Tehran and the so-called 'E3+3' as “historic” in a statementearlier this morning, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon applauded all parties for their resolution of the long-standing diplomatic negotiations as “a testament to the value of dialogue.”


Reduce Poverty

Published in Scoop Media.
If we promote education and values that emphasize our identification, then poverty will diminish, in the long run. If we promote sufficient economic, judicial and political equality, then the people at the bottom of the ladder will not want to topple those at the top.


Economic Depression


This article was published in UPI Asia Blog,,, : To develop economically, we must be able to import goods and services that it cannot provide itself from other countries. To trade, one must have something worthwhile to sell to the people of other countries. Tourism is insufficient.



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